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7a Arte Lamroth feria de arte 2017

Paraguas y juego

Libros Mágicos

H Senado de la Nacion Argentina

Le Réticule; Il Reticolo; The Lattice; La Reticula

The lattice, for now is the present.

La Retícula,  por ahora, es el presente.

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ARTIST of the DAY: Maria Santacecilia


ARTIST of the DAY: Maria Santacecilia2017 MARCH 7 tags:  by R.L. Gibson
“Music”(drawing on paper, 2017) byMaria Santacecilia “I build my works with a sense of fragmentation . . . a metaphor of daily life.”Maria Santacecilia• I have buttons from everywhere. I have collected them for no reason for years and years.  And just yesterday, I met an artist yesterday that makes button bracelets as a fundraising source for a non-profit that provides showers and laundry facilities for homeless women.  Today, I came across this drawing by today’s AAADArtist of the DayMaria Santacecilia, and as a musician, it spoke to me.  Then I saw the buttons, those things that hold everything together. Lovely. • Find a common thread in the work of fragmentation
byArtist of the DayMaria Sant…