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Muestra en Quinta Trabucco Cultura MVL 2017 de alumnos y profesores

Hilos /// 2016  detalle

Detalle Detail fragmento Parte


Flores l 2012 100 x 70 cm dibujo sobre papel tinta grafito.

OEI Organizacion de los Estados Iberoamericanos


7a Arte Lamroth feria de arte 2017

Paraguas y juego

Libros Mágicos

H Senado de la Nacion Argentina

Le Réticule; Il Reticolo; The Lattice; La Reticula

The lattice, for now is the present.

La Retícula,  por ahora, es el presente.

Details Detalles Image and edition Angie Quiroga


ARTIST of the DAY: Maria Santacecilia


ARTIST of the DAY: Maria Santacecilia2017 MARCH 7 tags:  by R.L. Gibson
“Music”(drawing on paper, 2017) byMaria Santacecilia “I build my works with a sense of fragmentation . . . a metaphor of daily life.”Maria Santacecilia• I have buttons from everywhere. I have collected them for no reason for years and years.  And just yesterday, I met an artist yesterday that makes button bracelets as a fundraising source for a non-profit that provides showers and laundry facilities for homeless women.  Today, I came across this drawing by today’s AAADArtist of the DayMaria Santacecilia, and as a musician, it spoke to me.  Then I saw the buttons, those things that hold everything together. Lovely. • Find a common thread in the work of fragmentation
byArtist of the DayMaria Sant…

The Woven Tale Press note

· 19 hhace 19 horas Art Spotlight: “Umbrella and Chess” by Maria Santacecilia
Edition WTP 2017

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Music detail edition RL Gibson

Music drawing on paper 2017 M Santacecilia 900x detail ( edit to R.L. Gibson)

Other Umbrella and Chess

Umbrella lll drawing on paper, ink pencil graphite 1999


Chess Vll drawing on paper ink, pencil  0,54 x 0,80 m 2015 (particular art collector)

Uphostery and Vases

Upholstery and Vases drawing on paper 2000
The left-right division is very focused on my need to highlight the institutional crisis that my country suffered at the beginning of the new millennium

In Search of Lost Time

In Search of Lost Time drawing on paper 2017

Consejo Deliberante de Vicente Lopez 2016


Space 2010 Flowers 2011
Upholstered with broom" is a work that emerged in a phase of mental growth and literally
"I leave behind" with a sweeping obstacles to progress.
"Tapizados con escoba" es una obra que surgió en una fase de crecimiento mental y literalmente " yo deje atrás " con un barrido trabas para progresar.

Drawing W,B & R


Drawing ink and graphite

Vase and upholstery drawing ink pencil 50x 70 cm 1998

Art works


Welcome! CV

Maria Santacecilia's drawings are published works of drawing on paper since 1996.

Opus lX drawing on paper graphite,ink,1998 (private collection)

Since 1991, she participates in national and international exhibitions. 24 national and international awards. Since 2008 I teach art to artists and since 2013 in the workshop of drawing and painting La Salle Institute and the Municipality of Vicente Lopez, Argentina. art reviewer in Resonance art magazine Pau, Fr
Juegos Bonaerenses juror
Art Teacher Centro Cultural Villa Adelina Cultura MVL

Editions of magazines and books: IX Bienal Guadalupana internacional de pequeño formato ,catálogo Mexico 2001-Toma y Lee Editorial Bled 2 World Festival of art on paper, 2001, Ljubljana The International Annual of miniature Art ,catalogo 2002, Suecia Enciclopedia Iberoamericana de artistas plásticos,2004,  Art Gallery Queensborough Community College The University of New York, Napsa editorial España USA. 8th Biennale Internationale d art miniature ,catalogo 2006…